May 12, 2011

Chris North went to sea with the Fleet Air Arm, the aviation branch of the Royal Navy in 1976.  Four years later he qualified as a Naval Airman Photographer, a small elite branch of the Fleet Air Arm.  He has had a 22 year career taking him to many unique and sometimes dangerous places, always with his camera close by.

With over 1,200 hours of helicopter borne photography behind him, he has photographed many diverse subjects from the Royal Yacht Britannia to the ships and submarines of the cold war Soviet Navy.  Covering many areas of conflicts including the Bosnia, Kosovo, conflicts the Gulf War and recently Afghanistan.  He was ran the photographic section on HMS Ark Royal, the Flag Ship of the Royal Navy. He was requested by the United Nations to work as a Chief Inspector to the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) in post war Iraq, living and working in Baghdad between the two Gulf Wars.

Chris’s passion for photography has earned him many front pages over the world.  He has won the prestigious Peregrine Trophy twice and winning second place with the World Press Foundation.  He currently freelances as a editorial and commercial photographer.

If you were to ask Chris what his forte was he would say “photographing people in their environment”.

Chris can be contacted on 07798 681968, or via email at

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